Kimberly K. Lamm
  • Kimberly K. Lamm

  • Assistant Professor
  • Women's Studies Program
  • 210 East Duke Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
  • Campus Box 90760
  • Fax: 919-684-4652
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Overview

    My research fields include contemporary feminist art, contemporary poetry, feminist theory, and 19th- and 20th-century US Literature. I have published essays on a wide range of topics, from African-American visual culture to American poetry’s relationship to feminist theory. I am currently working on two book manuscripts: “Poetics of Address: Imagining the Other Woman in Contemporary Art” and "The Sense of an Arrangement: Feminist Aesthetics in Contemporary Poetry." The first analyzes the work of feminist artists who bring together images and the textual appearance of language in unpredictable configurations. I argue that this choice draws attention to the image as a site of affective labor, but also creates what I call a poetics of address, a call to viewers to become feminist readers of visual culture. A Sense of Arrangement represents my long-standing research on the relations between contemporary poetry and feminist thought. It analyzes the work of five poets—Barbara Guest, Susan Howe, Ann Lauterbach, Rosemarie Waldrop, and Claudia Rankine—who have contributed substantially to the field of contemporary poetry and women’s place within it. The book traces how these poets' engagement with the excesses of vision and sound aligns with current feminist scholarship on sound, affect, and sensation. Increasingly, my research is drawn to the styles, objects, and practices that can be identified by through the term "femininity," which has led to my interest in girl cultures and fashion. An essay on the depiction of fashionable clothing in the work Harlem Renaissance writer Jessie Fauset is forthcoming in the collection Crossings in Text and Textile, 1818-1934 (University Press of New England). I am a graduate of the Whitney Independent Study Program, and have published art criticism in The Brooklyn Rail, curated exhibitions of contemporary art (most notably, "Imaginary Arsenals" for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council) and written catalog essays for contemporary artists Matthew Buckingham and Renata Poljak.
  • Current Projects

    The Poetics of Address: Imagining the Other Woman in Contemporary Art, A Sense of Arrangement: Feminist Aesthetics in Contemporary Poetry
  • Areas of Interest

    Feminist Theory
    Visual Studies
    Contemporary Feminist Art
    Contemporary Poetry
    US Literature, 19th and 20th Centuries
    American Studies
  • Education

      • Ph.D.,
      • English,
      • University of Washington,
      • 2007
  • Awards, Honors and Distinctions

      • Junior Fellow: Women of Color in Popular Culture,
      • University of Iowa, Center of Ethnic Studies and the Arts,
      • January, 20008
      • Edith and Richard French Visiting Research Fellowship, Yale University’s Beinecke Library, 2013-2014,
      • Yale University’s Beinecke Library,
      • January 2013
      • Faculty Manuscript Workshop, Mellon-Frankin Humanities Institute,
      • Unknown,
      • 2012-2013
      • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Women's Studies, Duke University,
      • Women's Studies, Duke University,
      • 2009-2010
      • Junior Fellow: Women of Color in Popular Culture,
      • University of Iowa, Center of Ethnic Studies and the Arts,
      • January 2008
      • Winterthur Library Research Fellowship,
      • Unknown,
      • 2008-2009
      • Allan and Mary Kollar Endowed Fellowship for the Study of American Literature and Art,
      • 2005-2006
  • Recent Publications

      • K.K. Lamm.
      • 2014.
      • Modern Spectacle and American Feminism’s Disappointing Daughters: Writing Fantasy Echoes in The Portrait of a Lady.
      • Feminist Theory
      • .
      • K.K. Lamm.
      • 2014.
      • The Midwife's Clothing: Jessie Fauset In and Out of Fashion.
      • .
      Publication Description

      This essay analyzes the figuration of fashionable clothing in the fiction of Harlem Renaissance writer Jessie Fauset. Situating Fauset's work within conversations about black femininity, visual culture, and the dialectics of capitalist modernity in early twentieth-century U.S. culture, the essay shows how Fauset's depictions of clothing attest to emergent forms of black feminism.

      • K.K. Lamm.
      • 2013.
      • Girly Men Ballads: (Il)legible Identities in Charles Bernstein and Gertrude Stein.
      • 57-84
      • .
      Publication Description

      This essay draws from my dissertation research on Getrude Stein and my research into contemporary poetry (Charles Bernstein is a key figure in the development of LANGUAGE poetry.) The essay traces Bernstein's engagement with the dialetical play of identity in Stein's writing and show how this engagement produced a feminist critique of masculinity and patriarchal authority.

      • K.K. Lamm.
      • 2013.
      • 'Pussy in a Can': Sexual Trafficking, Feminization, and Neoliberalism in The Wire.
      • .
      • K.K. Lamm.
      • 2013.
      • Fair Realism: The Aesthetics of Restraint in Barbara Guest's Collaborations.
      • 113-140
      • .
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    • WOMENST 89S.02
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